Jessica Earhart is a visual artist based in Pittsburgh, PA. Her mediums of focus are collage, comics, and zines. She loves working with collage because she only has partial control of the outcome, you know like life. Her art is inspired by feminism and existential crisis.  She prefers Jass over Jess, thrives on chaos, swoons over cosmos, and often eats ice cream for dinner. 


Rachel is a writer, editor and filmmaker from Pittsburgh. Most recently she was the Managing Editor of Weave Magazine and the creator and curator of the I am: twenty-seven project. Currently she's a first year MFA candidate in fiction at the University of Pittsburgh where she teaches composition. She is also the first Writing Pittsburgh Fellow for Creative Nonfiction. She lives in the East End of Pittsburgh with her cat, Faulkner, and a few plants she's trying desperately to keep alive.


Daniel Wyke is a cartoonist/illustrator living in Pittsburgh, PA. His first comic was about a bird named Pacifier, drawn on dot-matrix computer paper sometime in the late 1980's. For a whole semester his comic Irving Lives at Home ran 3 times a week in his college newspaper, The Pitt News. His current project is a series called SOME THINGS DON'T WORK OUT, a collaborative anthology comic where he turns stories written by his friends into comics. In his spare time likes to go for long walks, eat tacos, and listen to Prince. 


In first grade in the early 90's, G.A. Sankey wrote an edgy play about a bear and a snake that were friends despite their differences, and her mom typed it up on a typewriter so she could submit it to be performed in a classroom puppet show. These days, she can occasionally be lured away from her office job to share a story (which she types all by herself!) for the sake of comics. She lives in Pittsburgh, PA with her wife and their disobedient (but charming) trio of dogs.


Tara Goe is an imaginary sloth-like creature who was sent to earth to teach us about the joys of napping, eating sandwiches, taking walks, and something she likes to call "extreme quietude." Because those things don't pay the bills, she also works as a librarian at a large public institution. She currently resides in Pittsburgh, PA.